While working with U.S. Military Snipers on a concealment design project, they asked us if we could come up with a range-effective camouflage, complaining that the small-repeat patterns are ineffective at operating ranges. Enter Depsoc360. Its large brush shapes, shadow effects, and digitally matched natural colors create depth and break the human outline. Over the course of nearly three years, dozens of versions, consequent field trials in some of our military's hottest battlefields, and input from several elite military contacts, we have built what we - and they - believe to be the most effective family of camouflage ever fielded. Depsoc360™ was designed for use by our military's elite in the heat of battle and saw every soldier who used it home safely. Now it's available to the civilian market.

Current Patterns Offered

NOTE: More patterns are available upon request. Please contact us for a full list of pattern capabilities.


Brushland / OLD Desert


Back Forty / Forest Floor


Brushland / Forest Floor


Tundra / Desert Snow