Celestial Views in Nature

Burned out by the daily rut of work yearning for something to break the monotony of the work/life balance? For those of you out there looking for an excuse to hit the road and out into the forest here's your chance.

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Cody Eason
Product Spotlight: SpeeDome Series

We’d like to introduce you to the new and improved SpeeDome series – better known as “Firefighting Tents” based off the high sales to Wildland Forest Firefighters and the U.S.F.S. The popularity of these tents with the firefighters lies in the hassle-free setup of the tent allowing the user to set up camp in a matter of minutes. The same tent used by thousands of firefighters is also perfect for the weekend car camper looking to camp a few nights at a state park or national forest.

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Cody EasonspeedomeComment
Shooting the breeze with Prostaffer Pete Oxford

Meet our own most interesting man in the world Pete Oxford! A lot can be said of Pete; conservationist, marine biologist, photographer, wilderness guide to name a few. You might have seen some of his breathtaking and award winning images while checking out issues of National Geographic Magazine, BBC Wildlife, Time Magazine, International Wildlife, WWF, or the Smithsonian. We sat down with Pete to see what he and Renee, his wife, have been up to since we last have talked. More on the Man, the myth, the legend here: http://www.peteoxford.com/

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MMI Outdoorprosaff
4 Benefits of Spending Time Outside

Next time someone tells you to ‘Take a hike’ - do it. Research shows you’ll be glad you did. Recent studies have shown that experiencing nature has an increased benefit to our mind and body. Simply exposing yourself to the outdoors for only a day can give you vastly improved cardiovascular health, reduced stress, improved mood, and even a boost in creativity.

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New Gopher Tarp System

"The latest addition to the Burrow accessory family is the most versatile. The Gopher Tarp can be used with any Burrow family products or on its own as an expedient shelter or groundsheet. It can also be hung with a hammock for durable weather protection and shade. The Gopher Tarp can also be attached to most off-road vehicles to provide shade or shelter for camping as well."

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MMI OutdoorMMI Outdoor
SOFIC 2017 Review

"Back in May we attended SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) in Tampa, Florida. SOFIC is a collaboration between U.S. Special Operations Command, headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base, and the National Defense Industry Association, the conference is also a marketplace of ideas. SOCOM officials will meet with industry and academia to lay out the kinds of goods and services they need in an increasingly challenging world.

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